Virginia Best

Dexter Farm, Vermont
(20″x20″; oil on canvas; 2020)

Virginia Best
Derby, Vermont


I’m inspired by what I see, whether it be in nature or a city, a person or a place. Something draws me in and then I want to explore it. With a photo or canvas and paint, or maybe a monoprint. Maybe all of it. As a result, I usually work in series as it takes more than one effort to explore something thoroughly. Sort of like an “ear worm”, it won’t go away until it’s replaced by something else.


Virginia Best was born in Miami, Florida, attended several universities and art colleges, and, after 17 years, graduated with a BA in studio arts from Florida State University.

During a brief initial sojourn in Vermont, she participated in and dropped out of the MFA program at Vermont Studio Center and returned to Florida. There she pursued 3D modeling and digital matte painting, which resulted in her current occupation as a digital illustrator now living and working in Vermont.

Her paintings and photographs have been in galleries in Florida, Georgia, Missouri, and Massachusetts.


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(54″x60″; acrylic on canvas; 2017)
(60″x48″; acrylic on canvas; 2016)