General Info

What is Vermont Art Guide?

Vermont Art Guide is a quarterly, printed magazine about contemporary art in Vermont. We offer a curated list of places to see art and publish profiles on artists, art venues, and public art. Each issue is a celebration of the state’s great art scene.

The first issue of the print magazine was released in May 2016. Sign-up up our email list to receive updates or follow us on FACEBOOK.

Vermont Art Guide is a project of Kasini House.

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Listing an Art Venue or an Exhibition

Are you a gallery, art studio, public place, or a business that shows artwork?  We want to hear from you. To be considered, send an EMAIL that tells us who you are and what art you show.

Being Profiled As an Artist

If you are a Vermont-based artist and wish to be considered for a profile in the Vermont Art Guide, sign-up to Vermont Art Guide’s Artist Database.

Submissions or Becoming a Writer

Vermont Art Guide is always looking for writers who can contribute venue and artist profiles. Writers are paid. To be considered, send an EMAIL with the following: 1) your name and contact information; 2) your resume; and 3) two to three samples of your writing or links to previously published articles. We will respond if interested.


Advertising in Vermont Art Guide offers you year-round exposure of your business to people seeking to make Vermont a travel destination or seeking out contemporary Vermont art. Send an EMAIL to request our advertising kit.

Who or What Is Included in the Vermont Art Guide?

The purpose of the Vermont Art Guide is to be a comprehensive resource for contemporary art in Vermont. New venues and artists are being added all the time. Existing venues that are listed are reviewed annually or as developments occur.

We recognize that ‘art’ and ‘contemporary’ have different meaning for different people. We draw a distinction between visual art, which is a material thing that expresses ideas, thoughts, and feelings, and craft, which is a material thing that incorporates function, form, and design within a particular medium.

We also draw a distinction between painting, print, and photography which function as a medium, meaning visual art which uses techniques to reproduce ideas, thoughts, and feelings and painting, print, and photography which functions as art, meaning the medium serves a larger purpose of expressing ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

Contemporary refers to the art of now. This means work by living, working artists who are selling or presenting work to art consumers and viewers.

We recognize these distinctions are debatable and possibly contentious. While our intention was not to cause debate, but rather to create a useful, meaningful guide or art consumers and viewers, we welcome dialogue on these issues.