OffSiteOnTime Scene 6: Stacking


OffSiteOnTime Scene 6: Stacking

at 47 Maple Street, Burlington
Tuesday, March 5, 2019, 5:15-6:45PM

The Erika Miller Performance Lab presents OffSiteOnTime Scene 6: Stacking, a 90-minute outdoor performance which is the sixth in a series of eight works inspired by SiteTime, a collaborative residency at the Vermont Arts Council that began in 2017. The residency focused on the life cycle of cordwood, and this outgrowth has shifted to become an examination of the specific terms associated with that process: felling, limbing, bucking, splitting and now, stacking.

Stop by 47 Maple Street in Burlington (MAP) on Tuesday, March 5 any time between 5:15 and 6:45PM. The performance examines the idea of stacking not just as it relates to firewood, but to other energy sources and technologies. Drop in for as short or as long as you like as they play with the experience of layering movement, data, sites, times, questions, concepts, etc.

The performance will be on the sidewalk. The audience can explore it from different vantage points: as a drive through show from a car; as a pedestrian sharing space with the dancers; or peeking out from the windows of Maglianero Cafe.

The “OffSiteOnTime” series is a mixture of performance and installation. With each iteration they explore their role as performers, while the audience is invited to contemplate what it means to view a work of art. Is that dualism–performer and audience–obsolete? Do we need new terminology? Or maybe just a new way of regarding the role of the audience, which is the particular fascination of this project.

The Erika Miller Performance Lab is a movement group that learns together through experimentation, play, and interrogation of space and body. It was founded in 2017. The current members are Erika Senft Miller, Holly Chagnon, Mireya Guerra, Lydia Kern, and Navah Stein. Collaborators include Alder Studio, Micah Dudash, Renee Greenlee, Kelly Holt and Mercedes Williams.

(text adapted from the lab’s press materials)