Vermont Sculpture on the International Scene

Richard Erdman Sculpture Commissioned for Taiwan

Williston sculptor Richard Erdman has been commissioned to create a new monumental work for a luxury residential tower in Taichung, Taiwan. “Seri Tai will be sculpted from brilliant white Carrara marble, a material centuries in the making and shot through with captivating brownish grey veins. In form, the sculpture will be a closed, infinite loop comprised of sweeping curves meant to both exhilarate and soothe. It will maintain only one delicate point of contact with the tranquil waters of a reflecting pool below, and stone will seem to float.” The tower is designed by Italian architect Antonio Citterio and his firm Citterio-Viel & Partners. The sculpture is Erdman’s second commission from the Continental Development Corporation. Scheduled to be installed in May 2019, Seri Tai will be both a major urban landmark and an integral, harmonizing feature of the building’s public plaza and gardens. Learn more about Erdman’s sculpture at

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Seri Tai (artist rendering in situ)
by Richard Erdman
Carrara marble
Courtesy of Richard Erdman Studio, Williston