Art of Winter


Art of Winter
February 3-April 1, 2017

Opening reception: Friday, February 3, 5-9PM

SPACE Gallery and the Vermont Art Guide are pleased to announce the exhibition “Art of Winter”, a survey of art by Vermont artists on the theme of winter. The exhibition is curated by SPACE Gallery director Christy Mitchell and Ric Kasini Kadour, editor and publisher of the Vermont Art Guide.

“Art of Winter” exists in two forms: A physical exhibition of artwork by 26 artists will be on display at SPACE Gallery (266 Pine Street, in the Soda Plant) from February 3rd to 28th. SPACE Gallery is open Thursday to Saturday, Noon to 5PM. An exhibition-in-print with artwork by 19 artists is included in Vermont Art Guide #3.

Themes in the exhibition include representations of the landscape and flora in winter, renderings of ice on Lake Champlain, changes to natural landmarks, storytelling through painting, representations of space and time, abstract and psychological ideas about winter, and winter as sculpture.


Artists include: Alex Costantino, Ashley Roark, Christy Mitchell, Stella Ehrich, Doris Bergeron, Frankie D. (DeAngelis), Tomomi Ueda, Sherri Rigby, Elaine Ittleman, Carol Crosby, Linda Di Sante, Kate Longmaid, Karyn Neubauer, Shona Sladyk, Jan Fowler, Julie Davis, Lorraine C Manley, Nitya Brighenti, June Campbell, Sharon Webster, Erika Lawlor Schmidt, Linda Van Cooper, Martha Hull, Robert Waldo Brunelle, Jr., Samantha M. Eckert, and Shalvah Herzberg.

An Opening Reception during Burlington’s First Friday Art event will take place on Friday, February 3rd from 5 to 9PM at SPACE Gallery. This event is also the issue launch for Vermont Art Guide #3. Participating artists and copies of the magazine will be available.


About Art of Winter

The snowflake photographer Wilson Bentley (1865-1931) wrote,”The farm folks, up in this north country, dread the winter; but I was supremely happy, from the day of the first snowfall-which usually came in November-until the last one, which sometimes came as late as May.” At some point in the 20th century, winter in Vermont stopped being a thing of dread, when one dug in and hoped food supplies would last, the well wouldn’t freeze, and nature would be merciful. It was probably sometime in the 1930’s, when Dartmouth ski coach Wallace “Bunny” Bertram tied a tow rope to a Model-T Ford engine and started pulling skiers up a hill on Gilbert’s Farm in Woodstock. Winter started being a time of wonder, pleasure, and frolic.

Artists paint the world around them and it should be no surprise that winter is a frequent theme for Vermont artists. This exhibition is a survey of such artworks. Vermont has a long, rich tradition of painting the landscape. En plein air and in the studio artists forage the state for scenes to reproduce on canvas and board. Many of the works are representations of the land. Cartooning and storytelling also plays a role in Vermont art and artworks that engage these traditions are also present. We find artists engaging the psychology of winter in artwork that trades on mood, memory, and representations of the psyche.

“Art of Winter” is an opportunity for viewers to consider the role this season plays in our lives. One cannot ignore winter. It demands our attention. It forces us to dress differently, to spend resources heating our homes, and to develop an outlook, a personal philosophy, that will get us through until the ice melts, air warms, and life springs from the ground.


About SPACE Gallery
S.P.A.C.E. stands for Supportive Places for Artists and the Creative Economy. Formerly the Soda Plant Artist Collective Environment, S.P.A.C.E. has a mission to create an accessible venue for showing, viewing, and making artwork by the public in Vermont and beyond. By combining creative endeavors with industrial reuse, S.P.A.C.E. contributes to the economic revitalization of the industrial South End of Burlington – and beyond!

About Vermont Art Guide
Vermont Art Guide is a quarterly, printed magazine about contemporary art in Vermont. We offer a curated list of places to see art and publish profiles on artists, art venues, and public art. Each issue is a celebration of the state’s great art scene. Vermont Art Guide is a project of Kasini House.

Images (top to bottom)

Jericho Cemetery by Robert Waldo Brunelle, Jr.
12” x 14”; acrylic on canvas; 2013

Living in the Shadow of the Death Star by Samantha M. Eckert
24” x 24”; oil and wax resin on board; 2012

Winter Stand I by Karyn Neubauer
22” x 30”; India ink on paper; 2012

Peony and Snow by Erika Lawlor Schmidt
11″ x 9″; collage and ink and thread; 2016