Exposed: Outdoor Sculpture in Stowe, Vermont Exhibition Catalog

Exposed: Outdoor Sculpture in Stowe, Vermont documents the sculpture and other art of the 20th Annual Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition in Stowe, Vermont. The 66-page, full color book features twenty-two artist profiles, photographs of the sculptures, profiles of eleven other artists participating in the project, and critical writing about the exhibition.

Exposed is a long-standing annual outdoor sculpture exhibition in Stowe, Vermont. Hosted by Helen Day Art Center, Exposed was initiated by two local artists, Christopher Curtis and John Matusz, to bring what was Vermont Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition off the lawn of Helen Day Art Center and into the village of Stowe to “expose” the artwork of both emerging and established artists to a greater public. Now in its 20th year, the exhibition aims to continue this tradition while introducing artists who work interactively with community and site. It will showcase sculptural objects and engage the public with a series of parallel events. This pervasive exhibition is grounded in a commitment to bring art to the public and the public to art. Exposed 2011 is co-presented by Stephen Levin and Helen Day Art Center.

Sculptors featured in the book include: Ria Blaas; Lynne Bond; Christopher Curtis; Carla Duarte; Matt Harding; Monica Herrera; Tom Holmes; R. Elliott Katz; James Knittle; Lora Lode; Deborah Margo; Chris Miller; Matt Neckers; Darrell Petit; Kate Pond; Torin Porter; Jack Reed; Ellen Rothenberg; Oliver Schemm & Jessica DiClerico; Tyler Vendituoli; Denis Versweyveld; and Bennett Wine.

Other Artists include: Stephanie Beck; Carrick Bell; Molly Davies; Gretchen Farrar & Francisco Roldán; Alisha Laramee; Regina Mamou; Polly Motley; Jeroen Nelemans; Theofanis Nouskas; m. pinchuk; Shannon Schmidt; Julia Shipley.

The cover features a cloud image by Carla Duarte.


Title: Exposed: Outdoor Sculpture
Curated by Rachel Moore
ISBN: 978-0-9837060-0-7
Size: 8”x10”
Binding: Paperback, perfect bound
Page count: 66 pages
Cover: Soft, full color
Illustrations:  35 full color images
Publisher: Kasini House Books & Helen Day Art Center
Retail Price: $24.95

Exposed: Outdoor Sculpture in Stowe, Vermont
published by Kasini House Books

Out of print


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