Self Commissioned Works
by Clark Derbes

Self Commissioned Works by Clark Derbes
January 16-February 17, 2017

“Self-Commissioned Works By Clark Derbes” features locally-felled tree stumps that the artist, using a chainsaw, has transformed into complex polygonal sculptures. Drawing on a variety of inspirations, such as early American folk art, quilts, and modernist architecture, Derbes masterfully plays with perspective, volume, and space to achieve a deft trompe l’œil, which subverts viewers’ expectations and perceptions. The geometrically shaped and richly hand-painted pieces slip between flat and three-dimensional forms. These sculptures buck simple categorization by simultaneously appearing both organic and refined; fissures and checking frequently appear on the surface of his wooden objects, exposing them for their honesty of materials.

(text adapted from the venue’s press materials)


Christine Price Gallery
Fine Arts Center
Castleton University
Castleton, Vermont 05735
(802) 282-3296

Monday-Friday, 8AM-4:30PM


Electric Avenue
by Clark Derbes