Tag: Chittenden County

R. Elliott Katz

Physicality, deliberation, and repetition characterize the sculpture of R. Elliott Katz. His work depicts the natural world in tension with the needs of people, and juxtaposes the finely crafted object with down-home subject matter and materials. Nonument to the Paysage presents an unremarkable rural scene in monumental form.

Kate Pond

Growing up in the hills of Vermont, Kate Pond’s first sculptures were of cattle bones, clay or fallen branches found in the woods near home. She now works exclusively in steel. Her sculptures invite participation: with people, with sun, shadows and alignments at different seasons of the year. The position of the sun, moon and stars creates a structure, like a painter might use a rectangle as a frame of reference. Pond’s recent public work includes Come Light, Visit Me at Champlain College in Burlington, VT, and Wellspring at the Heller School at Brandeis University near Boston, MA.

Tyler Vendituoli

Tyler Vendituoli’s piece was inspired by the trend in doing things locally and the nostalgia for our industrial past that comes with it. The gear, a once common and necessary part of many people’s day to day lives, is all but foreign to most of us now.

Alisha Laramee

Alisha Laramee is a writer whose work focuses on the multiple and complex ways that landscapes, cultures, and people produce one another. She has written extensively of her own travels and those of others both like and unlike her. Migration – forced, voluntary, return, renewed – is of special importance to her work.