Denis Versweyveld

Denis Versweyveld is part of Exposed 2011. He lives in Ferrisburgh, Vermont.

At a very early age I spent many hours playing in and about a wonderful old dairy barn.  Each spring the interior of the building received a fresh coat of whitewash. The structure and this rejuvenating process have undoubtedly influenced my work until this day.  Art schools and art history have informed my innate sense of seeing and making things.

I feel the following quote from Albert Einstein best describes how I see and understand my work:

“If we describe what we see and experience in the language of logic, we do science; if we convey connections through forms that are inaccessible to the rational mind, but intuitively recognizable as making sense, we do art.”

Denis Versweyveld has spent most of his professional life in the arts and arts education.  He has exhibited throughout New York, New England and the Midwest, and has received a number of awards, including three grants from the Vermont Arts Council.  He has an MFA in Sculpture from Indiana University, Bloomington.  He lives and works with his wife, the painter Judith Rey, in their home–studio in Ferrisburgh, Vermont.


For the past twenty years, the Helen Day Art Center has hosted an outdoor public art and sculpture exhibition called Exposed in Stowe, Vermont.  Exposed hosts sculptures, site-specific installations, and participatory work from twenty-three national and international artists. the 2011 edition offers a series of Thursday night events by 12 video artists, writers, performers, and musicians accompany the exhibit. This exhibition and series of events is accompanied by cell phone audio tours, QR codes, walking tour maps, walkabouts, and a catalogue of the exhibit published by Kasini House Books. The exhibition will take place July 8th to October 8th, 2011.